Clara's Rib
Clara's Rib: A true story of a young girl growing up in a Tuberculosis hospital

Reviews of Clara's Rib

quote"... Clara's Rib is a touching historical read, but also a reminder of why we must not lose sight of the dangers of diseases such as TB." "Clara's Rib is a lesson in perseverance and acceptance. It is, incongruously, a story with a happy ending. Despite her health challenges, Clara eventually has a family and lives into her seventies. It is also a reminder of how far we have come from the days when TB stalked this city. But the book should also sound a warning about the reemergence of tuberculosis."

Elizabeth Payne, Ottawa Citizen

quote"...Clara's story puts a truly human face on the formidable tuberculosis epidemic and gives us insights into Canada's Sanatorium Age. The old TB sans are disappearing, but Clara's story continues to be relevant today as an inspiration to anyone struggling with a debilitating and potentially lethal chronic illness."

Dr. Brian Graham, CEO, Lung Association of Saskatchewan

quote"... Her detailed description captures perfectly our lives as young TB patients. There is something in this book that will touch everyone."

Myrtle Jennings Murphy, Former TB Patient

quote".... A remarkable autobiography of the incredible and heroic struggles of a twelve-year-old with lung tuberculosis in the time before chemotherapy. Fourteen years spent in and out of the sanatorium 'on the cure'."

C. William L. Jeanes M.D., Former Medical Director, Canadian Tuberculosis Association

quote"... Clara's life is truly a miracle and an inspiration. One can only marvel at her inner strength. She is a hero in the true sense of the word."

Peter Jessamine MD, FRCPC
The son of Dr. Alexander Gordon Jessamine, Former Superintendent of the Royal Ottawa Sanatorium, is also involved in the treatment of persons with tuberculosis.